Conference objective


Purpose of the conference is to further the development of science and practice’s priority areas in terms of evaluation, forecast of extreme eco-geology situations and implementation of a range of events for a wider dissemination of attained innovations in the sphere of sustainable development among regions.


Participation in the conference may be full-time and part-time (publication of articles)


Conference topics

  • Legal and economic aspects of natural and natural-technogenic risks.
  • Geo-informational provision of ecological, economical and social aspects of sustainable development of territories and management of risks;
  • Use of materials for Earth’s remote sensing in forecasting extreme situations;
  • Natural disasters in …
    the history of the Earth;
  • Regional regularities in occurrence of nature-anthropogenic extreme situations;
  • Social and economic consequences of natural and anthropogenic catastrophes;
  • Regional patterns of development, functioning, dynamics of the landscape envelope;
  • Landscape design of business activity;
  • Protection of rare and endangered species of plants and animals;
  • Organization and scientific research of protected areas;
  • Ecotourism;
  • Problems of teaching methodology in assessment, forecast and prevention of nature-anthropogenic accidents.



Up to 31 March 2015it is required to send by e-mail to the Organising Committee’s address the following documentation:

1) Completed registration form (Supplement № 1);

2) Paper in Russian language and paper’s abstract (should not exceed 3 pages, but contain at least 10 lines) in Russian and English carried out in accordance with requirements.


Up to15 April 2015– arrival date confirmation (for booking hotel suites), arrival information.


Conference languages

Official languages of conference are English, Russian and Serbian.


Conference rules

Time limit for papers:

– plenary session – 15 min,

– sectional meetings – 10 min;

– papers discussion – 3 min;

Organizing Committee

Russia, Republic of Mordovia, Saransk 430000, Sovetskaya street 24, r.321.

Federal State-financed Academic Institution of Higher Education N. P. Ogarev Mordovia State University

Phone: (8342) 47-44-54; fax: (8342) 47-48-24;



Organizing Committee secretary:

Maslyaev Valeriy Nikolaevich

Phone: (8342) 47-44-54; cell. 89271757306.